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American Made

American Made

It seems every website these days has a section related to being American, celebrating the United States, or supporting this great country and its endeavors around the world. Made in America seems to finally mean something again. This site will be no different; we too have this respectful section about the wonderful country we are privileged to live and work in, and most importantly, proudly proclaim our citizenship of and allegiance to. We live in a place where people can follow their dreams knowing they are free to pursue them and succeed simply by working hard. It means the world to us here at Supreme Zipper Industries that we were born here and have the privilege to raise our families in the best country in the world. The following collection of links takes you to articles, facts, and generally informative material related to our great country. Be thankful for the union that is the United States. God Bless America!


Supreme Zipper Industries and “Made in America”

A bit of a ramble, but it lets you know a little more of what this section is all about.

13 Folds of the Flag

An explanation of the respectful act carried out for a fallen Hero.

Great American songs

These songs were requested to be on our website by the Chief Zipper Guy’s youngest son after his school did a musical presentation for Veteran’s Day. A good idea; here to remind us of some very important things!