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Contact Us

How to get hold of us

Below you will find our main contact information for both of our locations. Give us a call to talk about zippers or just to get to know us. You never know when a project may come your way that may need our special expertise. No time like the present to establish that once in a lifetime connection to all the folks here at Supreme Zipper Industries.

Pennsylvania Location:

Corp. Office • Showroom • Factory • Warehouse

Official Company Shipping & Mailing Address

Supreme Zipper Industries
1076 Purdytown Turnpike
Lakeville, PA 18438

Phone: (570) 226 - 9501      Fax: (866) 226 - 1972

Hours: Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM EST


People of Supreme Zipper Industries:

 Jim Zumpone - CZG (Chief Zipper Guy) - Pennsylvania
 Retta Zumpone - Mrs. Chief Zipper Guy - Pennsylvania
 Dan Miller - DOAE (Director of almost Everything)
 Ronnie - Zipper Guru
New York
 Linda - Warehouse / Production Wizard

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