About Us


My name is Jim Zumpone and I am the CZG (Chief Zipper Guy) here at Supreme Zipper Industries. It is my privilege to be the current custodian of a six decade young company. My company is an old school thinking, hard working, honesty based, forward looking, progressive business. Everyone here is really into zippers and everything related to them. These seemingly simple objects are what we are all passionate about. How have I come to sell zippers you may ask? Well, let me take you on the journey of how this company began and how it became a great bunch of folks that love to sell zippers! I will begin with where Supreme Zipper Industries is today, a look at what the future may hold, and finally the great story that led us to where we are.

The Current State of Affairs

Supreme Zipper Industries is a full service zipper manufacturer and supply company. We have tremendous supply abilities in terms of finished zipper products as well as raw materials and components. We currently have two locations; one in Northeastern Pennsylvania where our corporate office, factory, warehouse, and even a showroom reside, the other in New York City where we have a showroom serving buyers in the garment district. We have an enormous inventory of literally millions of zippers, chains, sliders, and zipper components.  We have the ability to make many different types of zippers in house, and for those we cannot make right in our factory, we have partner sources all over the world to get whatever the project at hand requires. If we don’t have it or even if it has never been made, we can get it or develop it from scratch.



We have a staff of top zipper people who are working hard everyday to solve zipper problems, design closure solutions, and supply needed components to people and companies of all sizes. All activities are carried out with a few important things in mind. Most importantly is the absolute highest regard we hold for honesty and integrity, something that is woven into everything we do.

Our History

The History (A little long, but it’s a cool story)
The year was 1950. A 50 year old man named Sol Rozenberg, his wife, and baby boy arrived in New York City from a small town in Europe. They had little more than the clothes on their backs and little money in their pockets. Sol was in search of the American dream, but took a detour in the form of a job in a delicatessen. There he worked serving cheeses and meats to the people of lower Manhattan. One of his regular customers happened to own a zipper factory. Knowing Sol was a hard worker and needed extra money to help support his family, this man asked Sol if he wanted to sell zippers on the side for a commission of each sale. Well, Sol was a heck of a salesman. Shortly after beginning the task of selling these fascinating little devices, Sol was selling full time for several zipper factories in New York area. He quickly developed contacts in the industry and established himself as a fair and honest businessman. By the end of that very first year he was in America, Sol opened up his own small shop in lower Manhattan making and assembling zippers.

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The Future

Supreme Zipper Industries’ future looks bright. All activities are always focused on making Supreme better, more efficient, and are aimed at fostering constant growth for our company and in turn for our customers. The inherent progressive nature will lead the company well into the next decade. I thank you for reading our story to date and welcome you to participate in our future.