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You have found the online presence of Supreme Zipper Industries, The Source for all things Zipper. Yes, we really do sell zippers and everything related to them. Do not fear; this is no ordinary impersonal website. There are actual people at the ready to speak with you about zippers, or anything else having to do with life’s ups and downs for that matter. Well, maybe not anything. Whether it’s a regular jacket zipper or a custom configured gold plated slider fastener system on a $5,000 handbag; a seat cushion closure or a boat top zipper, we can do it. We have worked with individuals, designers, sewing contractors and hundreds of different types of companies of all sizes that use zippers in their work. It is our mission in life (yeah, we are really into zippers) to find the right closure systems for your unique needs. We are pleased to have you as our guest and look forward to servicing your every zipper and slide fastener need.

This website is a work in progress. The initial pages presented here are our first stab at this internet thing. We will be working very hard to add content, functionality, and all around nice stuff to it over the coming months. Stop back often to see what’s happening in the world of zippers. We look forward to seeing your registration on the site!

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