Overview of SZI Products

There are six basic products we sell here at Supreme zipper Industries. Here you will find a brief description of all of them and how they are related to each other. There is also very detailed information on each topic later on if you would like more specifics.

“Finished Zippers”

What most folks think of when they want a zipper. This is basically any zipper that is ready to install in a garment, pillow or any other item needing a zipper. Of course, there are many types of finished zippers, both in terms of what they are made out of as well as the type of configuration it may be; like a zipper for a pair of pants vs. a zipper for a jacket. For us at Supreme Zipper Industries, finished zippers are the final product that we make, ready for installation or application by you, our customer.

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“Zipper Chain”

The next major item we carry.  It is essentially the main building block of a finished zipper, the actual fabric and teeth part of the zipper, usually sold by the yard on a roll. It is very common for installations that do not need finished ends on the zipper, such as upholstery work or for handbags, where both ends of the zipper are hidden within other parts of the finished product. It is also very handy in that any size zipper can be made up by virtually anyone, eliminating the need to buy many specific sizes. Supreme Zipper Industries uses these very same chains to make finished zippers on our specialized machinery. Of course, a zipper is not a zipper without something to open and close it, for which you should take a look at the next paragraph.

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Those little items that move up and down the zipper chain to open and close it. They come in literally hundreds of kinds, but most notably they are either locking or non locking. When we refer to a slider that locks or not, we are referring to its ability to stay put on the zipper chain, where we left it, without moving unless we pull on it up or down the zipper. There are many different types of locking mechanisms, non locking types, and hybrids of the two; more on that later. Most sliders are actually a combination of the slider and the piece that is held onto it to move the slider, which surprise surprise, is the next paragraph.

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These are items we sell that are very simple to explain. They are the thing you hold onto to move the slider up and down the chain of a zipper. They are made in thousands of styles and can even be made to look like just about anything the imagination can come up with. In fact, Supreme Zipper Industries has the ability to make specialized pullers for companies that want to individualize their zippers to match their logo for instance. Of course there are plenty of pullers ready made in stock. It is also most common that the puller already be assembled as part of the slider, so this item is not always optional. More on that later.

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These are just what their name implies, the stopping mechanism for the top or bottom of a finished zipper. The stops used on most zippers are pieces of metal or plastic and serve to both stop the slider at the end of the zipper as well as serve to hold the two ends of the chain together in some fashion. There are specialty options for stops, everything from the material they are made of, the shape of the stop as it applies to the function of the zipper, and even stops that are not really stops but more of a functional element of the finished zipper, like the pieces at the bottom of a jacket zipper.

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