Supreme Zipper Industries deals with so many colors that calling it a choice from the rainbow almost does not give the choice justice. We deal with literally hundreds of colors, over a thousand in fact when all sources are considered. What we have done here at Supreme is to combine all major sources for colors in the zipper industry, about ten at this point, and put them into one list we like to call the Mega Color Card. Basically, what we have done is list all colors from all sources; but match up all the colors that duplicate each other and only include that color once in our list. From there we gave all the colors, from this combined list, a unique identifier. This way, no matter what color number a potential customer gives us, as long as they can tell us from where it came, we can come up with the intended color for the project. Even if they do not know which color card it originally came from, we can probably figure it out based on the number and a description. The creation of this website has actually pushed us to graphically document what we have already done with color numbers and names in our internal cross reference system. For now, we have included a good listing of most of the major color cards we use for reference, but we will have the entire system online very soon. Oh, by the way, folks ask us all the time for color cards. We do not give them out as they are too expensive. We do sell them of course, but most times we feel this website will enable a good choice to be made. Keep one thing in mind when it comes to colors on a computer screen; although we have made all scans we use on this website very high quality and true to color, they may still show up differently on different monitors. Please use the information in this section as a guide for a color ONLY. We will be more than happy to try and get you a physical sample of whatever you are looking for if a customer order will be based on it.

Color Samples

Click on a card thumbnail to see a larger view.The accuracy of these color swatches CANNOT be guaranteed.
computer monitor reproduces images slightly differently based on the
type of hardware and the current visual settings.
If color matching is ABSOLUTLEY CRITICAL, contact us so we can work out a physical sample.