Company Values

The following are the Company Values of Supreme Zipper Industries. They serve as the foundation for all our behaviors as we work; they help us strive to become the best company we can be. These values embody the ideology that drives all business matters and interactions.

Mission Statement

Supreme Zipper Industries provides current and potential customers with quality zipper related products and information, on time, accurately, and profitably; resulting in positive growth for the Company.


The Supreme Zipper Industries vision is to be the go to company for all zipper related products, where potential customers can still receive direct personal help on any situation involving items we make and / or sell.

Core values

Everyone at Supreme Zipper Industries lives by these simple values:
1 – We must always serve the customer by exceeding, not just meeting, their expectations and do so with a genuine appreciation for their business
2 – We are disciplined in everything we do to ensure a constant and repeatable experience for our customers
3 – We continuously try to improve all aspects of our work with a commitment to accuracy, performance, and accountability to ourselves and to our customers

Staff Members

The workforce of Supreme Zipper Industries is a cohesive, willing group of people that direct all their individual tasks toward company success by taking personal responsibility for all activities.