Customer Types

Supreme Zipper Industries currently only serves wholesale customers. Eventually we will be serving retail customers through this very website. The following information is meant to clearly define these two customer types and why they are different.

Wholesale Customer

This customer type is essentially a business that Supreme Zipper Industries sells its products and services to. The types of businesses can be designers, manufacturers, resellers, retailers, or any of a long list of businesses. The important thing to remember when we refer to a wholesale customer is that we do not charge them sales tax for a good reason. These customers are bona fide businesses, purchasing our products for integration into something they make or sell, where tax may or may not then be collected. This type of customer is usually a larger purchaser as well; they buy large amounts of a given product. The combination of the legal structure of this type of customer as well as their need to buy larger amounts, dictates a special pricing structure for them. Now, it may be attractive for an individual to attempt to purchase from Supreme Zipper Industries as a wholesale customer if they are not, but we will not allow it. It has legal, tax, and other ramifications that prohibit wholesale interactions to non commercial purchasers. Please do not ask us to purchase as a wholesale account if you are not a true commercial consumer.

Retail Customer

This customer type is the most common on the open market. This type customer is usually the individual, NOT a business, in need of the products Supreme Zipper Industries sells. Now, it is not to say businesses do not start out as individuals, they sure do. We have begun many relationships with individuals that have turned into wholesale customers. It is important to understand however, that purchases by individuals will require tax collection if the individuals are in states we operate in. This is actually not offered as a supported sale by Supreme Zipper Industries currently, but will be soon, right on this website. Our resources, information, samples, and generally kind folks are certainly at your disposal!