Ideal Landscape

The Ideal Landscape we strive for at Supreme Zipper Industries includes the following 11 ideas:

1 – PROMOTION – Supreme Zipper Industries is easy to find when searched for and is routinely approached by potential customers.

– A system is in place and used by Supreme Zipper Industries to establish or re-establish a customer.

3 – ORDER PROCESSING – A system is in place and used by Supreme Zipper Industries to both take and process orders from current and new customers.

4 – VENDORS & INVENTORY – Many vendors, internal manufacturing choices, and large inventories are available to fulfill customers’ orders through a House Order system that easily generates and executes orders to the correct internal manufacturing unit, vendor, or process to fulfill those orders efficiently.

5 – IN & OUT
– Shipping / Receiving department is fluid and has many choices at the ready for goods to be shipped or received.

6 – PHYSICAL LOCATIONS – The Pennsylvania and New York City facilities are set up with clean inviting spaces that portray a professional image to both the staff internally and the customer externally; as well as places to work that are efficient and organized.

7 – SUPPLIES – An internal supply system is in place and used by Supreme Zipper Industries in order to acquire any needed materials in a timely and efficient manner and get those items to the required area of need within the company.

8 – COMPUTERS – A comprehensive networked computer system is in place and used correctly and to its full potential so that it will aide handling all tasks related to the business.

– An accounting system is in place which assures funds in and out of the company are handled in a streamlined manner as well as creates an accurate interface between Supreme Zipper Industries and all customers / vendors.

10 – STAFF – All staff members of Supreme Zipper Industries exist cohesively and willingly participate, through their individual efforts, toward the continual and expanding success of the company.

11 – GROWTH – Supreme Zipper Industries will maintain constant positive growth which will lead to continual expansion and success for the company and all who staff it.