Love Letters

Here at Supreme Zipper Industries, we send and receive hundreds of pieces of correspondence and communications every day. Sometimes we get a “Love Letter” or other positive assurance we are doing our job well. We even get tough love sometimes, and that is even more important to us; we always want to know when we do something wrong so it can be fixed immediately. Below is a small sampling of some of these notes. Although permission is granted to use these notes, we do not include last names or company names out of courtesy.

Thank you very much for your outstanding service!!!
John C.

Hi Jim,
Nice meeting you today. I am glad to have a supplier like you.
Best of luck!!
Josef I.

Hi Jim:
Thanks for the quick response.
My launch party in June went well. I’ve found a better choice for a manufacturer – who will be able to make my products better, faster, cheaper.
Thanks for your help and your willingness to fill these small orders.
Hopefully, big ones will come soon!
Take care,
Aimee B.

Hi Ronnie,
I can’t thank you enough for helping me out – it’s difficult to come across people like you in this industry. I just tried to recommend you to another handbag company but they said that they already use you and that they think you are great! If I talk to anyone else that needs zippers I will be sure to pass your name along.
Thanks again and have a wonderful afternoon,
Cara L.

Hello Jim,
Thanks so much for your help and for accommodating my company’s needs for smaller quantities! I assure you that we will give you all of our domestic zipper business as we grow.
Please advise any additional information that you need from me to process and ship my order.
Thanks again!
Missy D.


Thank you for your reply. Honestly, I had only sent the first email to Dan. Since you are both great at returning messages, I thought maybe Dan was out for an extended holiday or there was an email issue. I will forward the purchase order electronically to you, along with a copy to Dan. If you are able to ship the product today, that will be great.
Again, I appreciate your outstanding customer service.  🙂
Take care,
Maria C.

Hi Jim,
Thank you for the comprehensive reply!  Very nice. Great explanation!  I await the new samples. We would like to see the other nylon zipper before we decide which way to go.
Your follow up is most impressive!
Jim E.

I sent the zippers back today. Thanks so much for taking care of this in such a GREAT way. Thank you again!
Bessie B.

Hi Jim,
I’ve now gotten two separate recommendations for your company so I thought it about time to follow up. One was from Bob A. @ XXXXXXX in Maine and the other was from the one and only Joe B. @ XXXXXXX. Actually, I’ve been working with Joe for a few months now on new product samples and may have the opportunity to work with him on an ongoing basis. In the interim, however, I wanted to get a price for various size zippers so I can include it in my per unit cost. Could you provide that for a 9″, 12″ and 14″ basic fashion zipper/invisible zipper (closed bottom) with a thin profile?
Thank you, Jim, and please give me a shout with any questions!
Kelly M.

Hey, Jim –
Thanks so much for your quick and helpful response. I do know about the different classes of the Oeko-tex certification, and I am PSYCHED you do also. It’s always harder to start from scratch with someone who knows nothing about where I’m at….my research had indicated that the manufacturer we spoke about was a good bet for Oeko-tex; I was just wondering if there were others. I am actually trying to get all my garments certified; besides the fact that I believe in supporting cleaner business, there is a great advantage marketing-wise right now to be ‘greener’. My fabric is all certified, so I think it would be a missed opportunity not to go all the way with the zippers.
Thanks again. I really appreciate your help and sincerely hope we can do business together.
Dre R.

Hello again Jim,
Our P.O. was just now faxed to you. Please note that you are to ship to our shippers in Miami via UPS ground. As always we appreciate your courtesy and service.
Frankie C.

We will send the credit app out. You guys are incredibly efficient & well organized. I’ve been around a very long time & I don’t recall seeing anything like it.
Richard K.