“Pullers” are just what their names implies, the little thingy you pull on to make a zipper do what you want. We have tons of these in our inventories to help quench that creative thirst you may have. These little items are made out of various things, most commonly they are made from a metal called zinc. This is the same metal most sliders are made out of as it can be made into any conceivable shape and can take on the look of almost any metal through the plating process. We can make it look silver or gold, copper or even brushed silver. Of course these items can also be painted to match any color imaginable. Most times however, these items are already attached to slider bodies and are stocked in the most common types with the most variability possible. We stock round rings of many sizes as well as longer pulls and shorter pulls. Most of the puller/slider combinations can easily have additions made to them, like a piece of leather or fabric to both customize them and make them easier to grab hold of. Give us a call to discuss customizing these little items as well. We can modify a current design with a name or logo, or we can design and manufacture a one of a kind puller for that special product you have been designing.